This page features various photo's from Alton Towers rich history

Here we have an array of photo's from over the years at Alton Towers.


A rare scene from the early 80's featuring the Sea Lion enclosure in the foreground, with the Towers in the distance.



A loop plane ride in the 60's sits where the driving school now resides next to the towers.



1980's. The entrance to Adventure Land seen on the left with the walk through entrance to the Flag Tower (later Coaster Corner featuring the Mouse & Beast) in the centre.


A very old wooden advertising board found in the gardens in 2008 (food from 2p).



Around the world in 80 days entrance.



The board displayed upon the closure of the Black hole attraction in 2005.



The structure built next to the Towers for the TV show "Hold Tight" in the 1980's.



Bob Carolgees on the same day at the towers during the filming of "Hold Tight"



1985. The short lived partnership of the Alpine Bobsleigh and the Black Hole next to each other.



Bruno Brookes and his radio people in front of the Towers in the 80's.



Mid 80's scene featuring climbing frames and in the distance the Corkscrew. This area was in recent years host to the WaveSwinger (UgSwinger).



Alton Towers Crazy Golf near to the Black hole Rollercoaster.



Another photo of the Crazy Golf featuring the Towers behind. 1970's.



Depeche Mode in the Garden Conservatories in the 1980's.



The Dovecote/Pigeon house ( Pugin inspired) near to Her Ladyships Oratory looking towards the Towers (past Her Ladyships garden) over the lower walkway.



2008. An historic face carved out of the cliffs on the Rock Walk.



Flyer from a Great Fete at Alton Towers circa 1890's.



Alton (Towers) train station flooded and looking more like a canal in the early 1900's.



A well turned out group photographed in front of the Towers probably circa 1900.



An Alton Towers land train ferrying passengers circa late 1970's.



A 1999 piece about the fete of 100 years previous.



The fairground behind the Towers.



The Runaway Mine Train float on parade not long after it's opening.



An early 1900's photo of a car traveling towards the main entrance of the Towers underneath the Shot Tower through gates that no longer survive.



A very, very rare ticket to the great fete of 1894.



This was so kind of the Bagshaws after effectively ruining Alton Towers the building/house. After taking over the estate in 1950 and selling the lead from the roofs, water damage to various parts of the house apparantly gave an excuse to strip the house of all of it's valuable furnishings and to sell them wholesale. Alton Towers, once one of Europe's premier stately homes was left not much more than a shell with little regard to historic, architectural or artistic importance. Feeble attempts to blame Army occupation during the 2nd world war earlier for any serious damage have since been proved wrong. This was a quick money making exercise and the saddest time in Alton Towers' history.



A family in the late 70's relaxing on a bench on the roof of Alton Towers. 



Such a rare photo of Her ladyships garden with the entrance to the Towers with a specially made sign (on the way out of the Hex attraction).



There are plenty more of these type of historical views of Alton Towers to come. Check back regularly to the site for new additions and pages. Thanks for looking and for your interest.