Our 80s/early 90s photo's

Here we have some pictures from my early personal visits, mostly during the 80s, and also a few from the early 90s.


A mid 1980s photo featuring a park mascot.


Apple coaster mid 1980s.



Log Flume early 1990s.



Near the black hole exit.



A rare angled picture of the vintage car ride next to the black hole with more in the background.



The climbing frame near the Black Hole exit.



An early Corkscrew photo.



Corkscrew station.



Another corkscrew picture 1980s.



Outside the Black Hole exit mid 1980s.



Toboggan Run 1985.



Back of the Log Flume on ride photo case 1989.



Front of the case and photo.



Water guns next to Cine 2000.



Newly opened Haunted House.