Many milestones were installed around Alton towers in the early 1800's.

In the spring of 1824, the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury installed fixed cast iron milestone plates in and around the vicinity of Alton Towers. This was done to help guests find their way to Alton Towers (Abbey at the time) and to let them know they were on the right route. Here are some of the surviving milestone plates.

A milestone still within the Alton Towers grounds. This would have alerted guests that they were 1 mile away from Alton Towers (Abbey) to re-assure them that they were on the right track. This milestone can be seen these days on the walk between the hotel and the theme park on the woodland walk.



If you take a walk in Dimmingsdale, in the vicinity of Alton Towers you may find a couple of milestones such as this if you keep an eye out. It's a beautiful area to take a walk in, so it's no surprise that the Earl's of Shrewsbury had this area suitably accommodated as a carriage drive towards their residence at Alton Towers.



Further along in the Dimmingsdale walk you may find this milestone suggesting a 2 and a half mile journey to the Towers.



A view from a pleasant walk in Dimmingsdale.

An inscription made in a plaque at "Ina's Rock", now just outside of the theme park boundaries. On another path towards the Towers, this would inform visitors of how close they were (1 mile 146 yards by the Rock walk).


By taking the "Rock Drive" which was a smoother travel, it would have been a slightly further distance of 1 mile and a quarter and 342 yards. This would have afforded much better views of the garden features.


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