Pictures transferred from projector slides of a visit to Alton Towers in 1972

Saved from almost being thrown away, we had these old Alton Towers slides transferred to digital image to see what was on them.



Here we see the motor boats on the Ingestre lake. Interesting to see in the background is the donkey ride enclosure (on the right), positioned towards where the Skyride Station at the bottom of Towers street now sits.



The Swiss Cottage with some sort of large white signage to it's right.



The motor boats on the Ingestre lake again. The benches and slim blue railings seen to the left in the background are actually the standing area above the Sealion enclosure.



A general view taken from the Gothic prospect Tower. The Towers are seen in the far distance with various garden features in the foreground.



Taken from on board a boat on the Ingestre lake. On the right, the Ingestre stable block is just coming into view, and we also see some of the old white signposts and a kiosk.



A general view of the gardens taken from a seating area at the top of the Rock garden. We can see the Canal being crossed by the Iron Bridge, and the rock gardens to the right.



Here we have another two views of the Ingestre lake, with the Ingestre stable block behind.