A trip to Alton Towers in the early 90's

Having visited Alton Towers many years ago, Gary Holcombe has fortunately been able to share with us some photo's taken circa 1993. Many thanks, it is very much appreciated.


The Legendary Corkscrew.


Taking a look at the monorail.




An old favourite, the "new" Beast in "Thunder Valley"



Another real favourite, the 1001 nights in "Festival Park". What a ride with views to match from the top!



....and now, one of the best rides to grace Alton Towers, the Thunder Looper. Brilliantly captured picture to match.



Large queue for the Log Flume with the older Skyride cars.



A freshly built Katanga Canyon featuring the Runaway Mine Train.



A nicely captured photo of the Boating lake in front of the Towers, featuring rowing boats.



.....and a blast from the past with the Pirate Ship and Black Hole


....and to finish off, another great picture of the Thunder Looper.



Many thanks Gary.