A leisurely visit to Alton Towers in 1926

These pictures were taken on a day trip to Alton Towers on June 26th 1926. Two people relax on the small bridge on the mock canal, which sits below the cascade/rock garden with its hidden pools and stepping stones.


A recent photo of the above.


A woman stands in front of the Choragic monument. Looks like it may have been a cold day judging by the large coat.


A nice view of the bath fountain (built c1819) in its full working order and original state. Apparently, the figure on the fountain is Triton, blowing water through a conch shell. In the background is the Loggia aka Collonade of the Muses. You can see that the statues which are present today on the top of it were missing at this point. It has been suggested that the statues were in the house conservatory at some point.



A recent picture of the above.



A quite commonly seen view of the Grand Conservatories.



Some nicely dressed folk pose with smiles on the drawbridge on the North side of the house which gives access to Her Ladyships Garden and the Shot Tower. The door seems to be open at this point. It's now permanently closed.



A recent picture of the above


This picture shows what's on the other side of the door on the drawbridge



and another...


A view of the Pagoda fountain. We can see that the Dolphin Fountain was working at this time too as its spray of water reaches into the air on the left hand side.


A general view of the Alton Towers gardens taken from the top of the Gothic Temple. It's such a shame that this temple is now out of use. Just another example of lack of proper maintenance over different periods of time.


Another typical view of the Gothic Temple (aka Prospect Tower) in the distance, taken from inside another small temple in the gardens. This one is known as the Conservatory Temple due to its close proximity with the Grand Conservatories. We can also see the Yew Arches which were still growing thicker. On the left is the Arcaded Wall covered with some sort of plant, running all the way down with the yew arches. This wall once featured statues on top of it too.


A view of Alton Towers and the lawn with a group of visitors. On King Edward VII's visit in 1907 he apparently planted a cedar tree in front of the Boating Lake. Is it still there today?



Some chappie poses in front of Le Refuge in the gardens. I think they could do with more benches around these days. They seemed to be everywhere in the past. The stone he's leaning on was apparently taken from the old north entrance to the house, before it was converted into the banqueting hall.


A recent view of the above.


The same person gives us another smile, this time in front of the Pagoda Fountain. He was obviously having a pleasant day, even without Nemesis!


A really nice view of the Towers taken from inside an opening in the stable block. You can almost make out what that poster says on the left hand side.....


 A recent view of the above.


We finish with a view of the Screw Fountain. You can vaguely make out the Towers in the distance. Seems like it was possibly a misty day.


View our very, very rare video footage of Alton Towers in 1926 (also features later footage from the 1900s towards the end) here :