Alton Towers Park Railway history part 2

More pictures of the Park Railway:


Pictured on a postcard:

The following two pictures are taken from the same place at the temple end:

The now demolished station at the temple end after the shortening of the track:

The path near the skyride station, leading to the Haunted Hollow. The train originally travelled up and down here:

The shelter at the Ingestre end before demolition. This area now marks an entrance to the Haunted Hollow:

A surviving part of the track found nearby:

A picture from inside the shelter at the Ingestre end:

The following 3 pictures were taken on the route in the time between the track being taken up and the Haunted Hollow attraction being installed:

Remaining railway sleepers on route:

The disused station at the temple end:

Work being carried out for the Haunted Hollow after the removal of the train shelter at the Ingestre end:

These pictures show the Haunted Hollow attraction. Different points of the route are identifiable compared with old pictures of the Railway if you compare them carefully.